Share your Plinky prompt responses to your blog

Did you know that you can share your Plinky prompt responses to your blog? It’s a snap to set up and today, I’ll show you how.

First, log in to Then, select You > Services:


Next, click on the big, red Add Service button:


From the dropdown list, select Enter your username and password to allow Plinky to connect to your site, then click on the Add Service button:


Once Plinky is authorized, you’ll see your blog’s name on your list of services:


Let the sharing begin!

Now, respond to any Plinky prompt you like. When you’re finished writing your response, click on the red Answer button:


On the following screen, you’ll be asked if you’d like to share to your blog. Click on the Share button:


Now, you can head on over to your blog and see your Plinky prompt response on your site! Pretty nifty, eh?


About Krista Stevens

I'm a runner, reader, writer, and editor.
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