Welcome guest contributor Maggie Mason

This week, we’re trying something new. While all of our prompts to date have been written in-house, prompts from March 23-29 were written by a very special guest contributor, Plinky advisor and blogger extraordinaire Maggie Mason.

Maggie has been blogging at Mighty Girl since 2000, back when you had to explain what a “blog” was. Her shopping sites, Mighty Goods, Mighty Junior and Mighty Haus, all provide tasteful, keen-eyed guidance to the confusing world of online shopping. Her book, “No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog”, was a major source of inspiration for Plinky.

For all these reasons (plus she’s the life of any party), we’re proud to hand over the keys to Maggie this week. We recommend keeping your arms and legs inside the vehicle, just to be safe.

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