Big news!

Boy, we’ve got a lot of news to share. First things first:

We’ve got a new name
While Plinky is still the name of our beloved content-encouragement site, we’ve decided to change the name of the company to Thing Labs.

We’ve got a new VP of technology
Chris Wetherell has joined us as our vice president of technology. Chris worked with Jason on Google Reader and Blogger, and adds talent, leadership and a surprising amount of singing to Thing Labs.

We moved
While we liked our surroundings in our original Lafayette, Calif. office, we like our new ones in San Francisco’s beautiful Mint Plaza even more. There’s a Blue Bottle Coffee, great restaurants, orange chairs and a whole lot more. Our office itself is much more suitable for coding, writing, discussing, creating, blasting Lil’ Wayne, and all of the other things required to make great software.

We’re working on new things
Don’t worry – Plinky the product will continue to live on, providing inspiration for you to write and share content with the world. But we’ve been bitten by more than one creative bug lately, and we’re building some fun new things that we’ll be able to share with you soonish.

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15 Responses to Big news!

  1. Paco says:

    Hi, could one of these things be placing a "follow" button next to others' answers. Basically, make it easier to follow someone. Or at least easier than having to click until their profile page to find the "follow" button. Thanks a bunch!

  2. I like what the other person said about the follow button. I don't like having to go away from the page just to follow someone.

  3. Jaynee says:

    orange chairs are definitely important! ;]

  4. Jonathan says:

    As you move onward and upward, would it be possible to post each day's Plinky prompt a couple of hours earlier in the day for the East coast contingent? Plinky is a great jog first thing in the morning, and it seems the prompts don't update until perhaps 8am most days.

  5. fylyp says:

    How about an export tool, so that I can send all of my responses, formatted like y'all format them on-screen, into a web-archive file set, or a series of flat HTM files, or even a DOC file? It'd be a cool way to preserve the memories… yeah I know, that's becoming an arcane concept in this instant-social-media world, but still…

  6. AnacinCross says:

    I'll second the 'export button' request. And if it wouldn't make the site just another amorphous blob of social networking jelly, I'd like a 'rating' button next to prompts to show what kind of topics the public likes to cover. I'm a sucker for stats–can't help it.

  7. Joe says:

    I feel like plinky is taking something cool that we had going at with the questions of the day and making it for squares.

  8. Jonathan says:

    Plinky's "Help and Contact" page shows that GetSatisfaction seems to be giving only 404s — Makes it difficult to contact y'all.

  9. The Katalist says:

    Maybe u have this already but I would like to search keywords on prompts and answers because I'm the admin for an online group and need to post topics on specific subjects and need inspiration.

  10. Mesila 333 says:

    @Joe–It's only as square as your writing (or anyone else's) happens to allow it to be. Inject controversity and intensity, and sand down its edges and angles so that they're no longer so equidistant. You'll end up with a bloated ornery trapezoid that's full of fluid fuel to burn away whatever it is that makes life boring/predictable/enslaved to authority.Of course, I take drugs, so what do I know from geometric shapes like 'squares'. Does that term still have cachet in this century? What does 'square' actually mean these days, anyway? 😉

  11. kenju says:

    I take issue with the line in the prompt that says celebrities are better and more important than anyone else. BETTER??? I think not; especially the ones mentioned in the answers.

  12. kenju says:

    I take issue with the line in the prompt that says celebrities are better and more important than anyone else. BETTER??? I think not; especially the ones mentioned in the

  13. Zanatos says:

    Could someone please explain to me why social media is so hyped these days when it comes to product marketing and PR? In my experience, measuring the effectiveness/impact of social media on target markets is very difficult and probably inaccurate more often than not.A few viral videos have experienced some success in creating buzz about products (and misleading / alienating some potential customers as well). However, I have yet to see a tweet or FaceBook / MySpace post that really inspires me to spend my hard-earned money.As a marketing and PR professional, I understand the interest in new and creative tools and approaches. But I have yet to see why social media is supposedly such a "valuable and incredible" tool. From what I can see, social media is an intriguing fad that reinforces (and sometimes replaces) traditional print, broadcast and display advertising.

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  15. Bookworms says:

    How about making the map-thing optional. It seldom finds my places so I HAVE to comment about the bogus map with my post. Now I get why it comes up San Francisco for somethings I write. That must be the default.

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