Plinky Adds ‘Weekend Writing Challenges’

For those of you with an interest in fiction and/or creative writing, Plinky is adding new weekend writing challenges that will go beyond the typical prompt and ask you to dig deep into your imagination.

For example, this weekend we’ll be publishing prompts on Saturday and Sunday that focus on writing in the third-person, meaning you’ll be asked take a scenario from your life (or one that you make up) and tweak it so that the perspective is not yours but from an imaginary “he,” “she,” or even “they.”

If you’d like to see an example of writing in the third-person, we recommend this flash-fiction story, Arnold’s Blazer, from Writing on Broken Glass, a blog for creative writing students at Edinburgh Napier University.

And that’s just the start. Future weekend writing challenges will explore everything from dialogue to setting. We hope you enjoy this new challenge and we look forward to seeing what you create!

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5 Responses to Plinky Adds ‘Weekend Writing Challenges’

  1. what a bright idea:)

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  3. Cannot wait to try this!

  4. Will there be spell check available for posts?
    I appreciate the weekend writing challenges and the daily prompts.

  5. Joy Victory says:

    Hi there, we won’t be able to offer spell check immediately, but we definitely want to add it at some point.

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