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The glimmers of beginnings: on keeping a notebook

Writers are the great close observers of everything that happens in our world. The quality of the light filtering through the window in winter; the glint of the moon on snow; the sound the wind makes in empty branches; the … Continue reading

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The best-self editing tool you’ve already got

Stories and characters populate your mind — you’ve been writing and making up stories since you can remember. You’ve already got a daily writing practice in place to jumpstart your creativity and ease in to your writing projects each day. … Continue reading

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Use Plinky Prompts as a Writing Warm-up

Are you a poet, a novelist, a short-story writer, or even all three? Writing is like exercise for the mind. When you’re about to do a workout, be it running, weights, or any other physical activity, you need to stretch … Continue reading

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Plinky helps author overcome writer’s block

Meet Faith Cook. She recently completed a novel for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) that grew out of a Plinky Writing Prompt. Tell us the story of how you became a writer. I think I’ve always been a writer. I’ve … Continue reading

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Have you connected Plinky with your blog?

Did you know that you can connect your Plinky account to WordPress.com, WordPress.org, LiveJournal, Tumblr, TypePad, and Xanga? (If you would like to connect Plinky with a blogging service that isn’t currently supported, you can start a free blog at WordPress.com in … Continue reading

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Want more Plinky prompts? Looking to connect with other writers?

At the beginning of 2011, WordPress.com launched The Daily Post, a blog that features a collection of writing ideas, tips, and inspiration, created to support the participants of the Post a Day and Post a Week challenges. It includes: Former … Continue reading

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User-Suggested Prompts We Used This Week

We looooooooove it when Plinky users submit their suggested prompts! Click here to send us yours. This week, we used the following suggested prompts: The world would be a better place if we could just by user mandymeikle. You’re a … Continue reading

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Follow Plinky on Twitter and Facebook

We’ve dusted off and spruced up our Twitter and Facebook pages to make it easier for you to see the latest prompts and Plinky updates, as well as leave us suggestions for prompts or other ideas! On Twitter: http://twitter.com/plinkyprompts The … Continue reading

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Didya Know? Plinky-Inspired Posts Showcased on WordPress!

If you are a WordPress.com user making the most of Plinky prompts, be sure to check the Plinky page that showcases the best and brightest answers. The top two “Featured Posts” are hand-picked by WordPress staff, and the other posts … Continue reading

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Plinky Adds ‘Weekend Writing Challenges’

For those of you with an interest in fiction and/or creative writing, Plinky is adding new weekend writing challenges that will go beyond the typical prompt and ask you to dig deep into your imagination. For example, this weekend we’ll … Continue reading

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