User-Suggested Prompts We Used This Week

We looooooooove it when Plinky users submit their suggested prompts! Click here to send us yours.

This week, we used the following suggested prompts:

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4 Responses to User-Suggested Prompts We Used This Week

  1. traskman says:


    Are the prompts ending today? And is organization starting another blog where we invite people to a picnic?

    Paul H. Trask

  2. Joy Victory says:

    No, the prompts aren’t ending today. And I’m sorry but I don’t understand your picnic question.

  3. wallyh says:

    Joy a fresh approach to writing easily intergrated love to write on look forward to more prompts great work

  4. Hank Hokamp says:

    You’re doing a great job in managing PLINKY. Fun site!

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