Didya Know? Plinky-Inspired Posts Showcased on WordPress!

If you are a WordPress.com user making the most of Plinky prompts, be sure to check the Plinky page that showcases the best and brightest answers. The top two “Featured Posts” are hand-picked by WordPress staff, and the other posts shown below are in chronological order of when they were published on WordPress.

Note: To make sure your post shows up on this page, tag your blog posts with “Plinky” after you have pushed your post to WordPress. Here’s more on how to connect your Plinky and WordPress accounts.

Wondering how to get featured? Bottom line: You increase your chances of being featured when you craft a thoughtful, in-depth response. Technically, the post must have at least one image, be longer than one paragraph, and be free (or nearly free) of grammatical errors.

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