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We’ve dusted off and spruced up our Twitter and Facebook pages to make it easier for you to see the latest prompts and Plinky updates, as well as leave us suggestions for prompts or other ideas!

On Twitter:
The latest prompts.
The latest Plinky-related news and updates.

On Facebook:
The latest prompts, news and updates.

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3 Responses to Follow Plinky on Twitter and Facebook

  1. peace4diane says:

    Hey Joy! Thanks so much. This is such a great idea. it was just what I was looking for as content for my blog. it will help me pay attention to my blog everyday, which is my goal for the year. i’ve missed many a day, but with plinky i might do better. Thanks again.

    Oh, by the way, i’ve suggested this to another writer buddy who’s struggling with having anything worth reading on his blog!!

  2. I think plinky is a great idea. I’ve sent a suggestion to my facebook friends to check it out. Thanks.

  3. I think, it is very good knowledge and information about plinky website. But Can you tell me how can I adjoin Plinky website with twitter and Facebook account. I have both accounts.

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