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Plinky Joins Automattic

Automattic is happy to announce that we’ve added to our family of services. Each weekday, Plinky provides a prompt — like a question or a challenge — and you type in an answer. To keep it interesting, prompts are … Continue reading

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Big news!

Boy, we’ve got a lot of news to share. First things first: We’ve got a new nameWhile Plinky is still the name of our beloved content-encouragement site, we’ve decided to change the name of the company to Thing Labs. We’ve … Continue reading

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Welcome, NYT Magazine readers

We’re delighted to be featured in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine. Columnist Rob Walker, author of the book “Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are,” spoke with Jason recently and wrote up a … Continue reading

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New guest contributor Josh A. Cagan

The first time I heard of Josh. A Cagan was his brilliant “Letter From Hollywood” he wrote for The Morning News during the Hollywood writers’ strike of 2007. I forgot about Josh until he joined Twitter and started dropping hilarious … Continue reading

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How to use “use”

Since we launched in January, we’ve received a few compliments on one of our rotating taglines: “Hey, didn’t you use to have a blog?” This particular tagline came from a comment someone made to Jason at a cocktail party a … Continue reading

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April Fools’ roundup

Ah, April Fools’ Day. Since the widespread use of the Internet, all kinds of hucksters have taken their pranks online, trying to get us to believe that they’ve invented a web-based time machine, that there’s water on Mars, or that … Continue reading

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Welcome guest contributor Maggie Mason

This week, we’re trying something new. While all of our prompts to date have been written in-house, prompts from March 23-29 were written by a very special guest contributor, Plinky advisor and blogger extraordinaire Maggie Mason. Maggie has been blogging … Continue reading

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Plinky @ SXSW Interactive 2009

This weekend, Jason, Grant and Wesley are heading to the SXSW Interactive festival in Austin to hobnob with other web types, learn a thing or two, and hopefully find some inspiration in the Texas air. If you’re going, too, join … Continue reading

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Plinky MVPs

We were surprised to hear early reviewers of Plinky describe it as a “micro-blogging” service. As we like to say, it’s only microblogging if you don’t write much. Sure, you can be as brief as you’d like. Sometimes you might … Continue reading

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Building better short urls

To mix things up a bit I, Wesley Beary (aka geemus), a Software Engineer, will be taking the blog for a spin of a more technical nature. At Plinky we needed short url support for our Twitter integration. I wasn’t … Continue reading

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