Want more Plinky prompts? Looking to connect with other writers?

At the beginning of 2011, WordPress.com launched The Daily Post, a blog that features a collection of writing ideas, tips, and inspiration, created to support the participants of the Post a Day and Post a Week challenges. It includes:

  • Former Plinky prompts
  • New writing prompts
  • Weekly photo challenges
  • Writing tips and exercises
  • Featured posts from the WordPress.com community

Best of all, it’s a great place to interact with lots of talented writers who are passionate about blogging. Here’s what’s going on today at The Daily Post.

Think you might be up for the Post a Day or Post a Week challenge? Read what others have said about them and sign up here.

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What were your favorite Plinky prompts from 2010?

We’re proud to announce that over the last year, you guys have written over 38,000 responses to Plinky prompts!

We look forward to another year of personal reflections, clever musings, and insightful remarks, and hope to make next year’s prompts even more inspiring.

So tell us, what were your favorite prompts from 2010? What do you want to see more of, and why?

We hope you’ve enjoyed responding to prompts as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them. Thanks again to everyone who contributed their own prompt suggestions. Keep the submissions coming!

Here’s to another year of overcoming writer’s block and letting your creativity flow! Happy New Year!

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What Are Your Favorite Types of Prompts? And Why?

Hello Plinky users! My name is Joy, and I’m one of the staff people who add new prompts to Plinky. It’s been really fun to see how you all respond to the prompts, and track which ones are more popular.

Making Plinky better isn’t possible without your feedback, so I’d love to know: What are your favorite types of prompts, and why? And which prompts make you roll your eyes? Do you like our “weekend writing challenges” where we focus more on elements of creative writing? And so on.

Cheers, and I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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User-Suggested Prompts We Used This Week

We looooooooove it when Plinky users submit their suggested prompts! Click here to send us yours.

This week, we used the following suggested prompts:

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Plinky Feeds

A user recently asked:

Are RSS feeds in the works (or maybe already available, but not documented anywhere)? I’d love to be able to publish an RSS feed of my Plinky posts elsewhere.

Not only are RSS feeds available, we actually have a few of them for you to choose from!

Simply replace the username in the two latter feeds (wordpress_editor or stephdau in the above examples) with any Plinky username to get the content you crave.

Here is a short video on RSS feeds and their utility to you and the Web in general.

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Follow Plinky on Twitter and Facebook

We’ve dusted off and spruced up our Twitter and Facebook pages to make it easier for you to see the latest prompts and Plinky updates, as well as leave us suggestions for prompts or other ideas!

On Twitter:

The latest prompts.

The latest Plinky-related news and updates.

On Facebook:

The latest prompts, news and updates.

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Didya Know? Plinky-Inspired Posts Showcased on WordPress!

If you are a WordPress.com user making the most of Plinky prompts, be sure to check the Plinky page that showcases the best and brightest answers. The top two “Featured Posts” are hand-picked by WordPress staff, and the other posts shown below are in chronological order of when they were published on WordPress.

Note: To make sure your post shows up on this page, tag your blog posts with “Plinky” after you have pushed your post to WordPress. Here’s more on how to connect your Plinky and WordPress accounts.

Wondering how to get featured? Bottom line: You increase your chances of being featured when you craft a thoughtful, in-depth response. Technically, the post must have at least one image, be longer than one paragraph, and be free (or nearly free) of grammatical errors.

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